Everybody’s Doing It: Downsizing Isn’t Just For Empty Nesters – Forbes

Sheri Koones and her husband lived in a 6,800 square foot house in Greenwich, Conn., but then the kids moved out and their house was just too big. So they downsized. I spoke with Koones (also a Forbes.com contributor) about her new book Downsize: Living large in a small house (The Taunton Press, Oct. 2019) and her experience and those of others who have taken the plunge.
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Transformation of Hartness Estate into Hotel Hartness

Pat and Mary Lou Hartness are excited about what’s about to happen to their home. But they aren’t sure they can stand to watch. They gathered under a temporary canopy on their front lawn recently to unveil plans for what happens next to the house and rolling hills where they raised a family. Already underway is the 700-residence Hartness traditional neighborhood development nearby.
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6 U.S. Cities That Are Making A Comeback

"Hartness is beyond exceptional. There's nothing quite like living here." - John Owner   6 U.S. Cities That Are Making A Comeback Many cities making their way out of the recession began their recoveries with infrastructure projects to revive their downtown...

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