Getting Lost

These days, there aren’t too many urban places where you can lose yourself in nature. But with 180 acres of dedicated, protected nature preserve including 15 miles of trails and plentiful lakes and ponds, there will always be a place where you can find yourself lost in wonder, lost in thought and lost in the moment – just outside your front door. Explore miles of existing trails through the community and acres of nature preserve, around lakes and over streams. Walking, biking, hiking, or on four paws – whatever your favorite way to wander is, we’ve got room to roam.


Our Community Garden

The Hartness Community Garden is under construction and will offer residents the opportunity to have a dedicated space to plant and cultivate herbs and vegetables.


Nature Trail

No other community in Greenville offers this type of experience. The Hartness family has been gathering and collecting this spectacular 444-acre parcel over the past forty years, and as they acquired new pieces, they created trails throughout the land to satisfy their love for walking and biking. These trails now form the heart of Hartness’ incredible 15-mile trail network that are enjoyed by residents on a daily basis. The trails meander through the woods, around beautiful ponds and over creeks and streams. To have an amenity like this in your own neighborhood is absolutely priceless!

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