Based in Atlanta, Lew Oliver is one of the Southeast’s most recognizable new home designers. Lew is renowned for creating beautiful places to call home, offering custom home design, creative stock plans and personalized design services.

Lew and his team are driven by the idea that great spaces can still be designed and constructed, places that nurture the human spirit and are in harmony with nature. There was a time in our country’s past when these types of places were quite common. In the modern age, though, they are rarely conceived and built because of shortsighted planning techniques and the spiritual abandonment of the civic realm. Lew’s vision for Hartness is to return to the tenants of traditional neighborhood development, where neighbors connect with each other through sidewalks, green spaces, mailbox kiosks, a village center with cafes and shops and world-class amenities with intentional programming.

His work can be found in new towns and hamlets across North America including Rosemary Beach, Celebration, Vickery, Seabrook, East Beach, Patrick Square and Serenbe.