Hartness Farm

Springs to Life in Urban Village

This set of growing beds that make up the Hartness Farm might seem out of place. Situated on the open land in Hartness, the new urban village founded on Greenville’s East Side by the Hartness family, the farm is the starting point for a new agricultural partnership between the Hartness Community and Mill Village Farms, a local nonprofit that uses agriculture to nourish communities both physically and spiritually.

Source: Greenville Journal

Lux Legacy – Albert Mertz – Hotel Hartness

Lux Legacy – Albert Mertz – Hotel Hartness

Albert Mertz has overseen lavish hotels in the most glamorous cities and locales in the world. Now he’s excited to be in Greenville taking the helm of a family legacy project – Hotel A new level of luxury is coming to Greenville with the opening of the Hotel Hartness on the city’s east side. The hotel’s General Manager Albert Mertz has worked with global brands such as Ritz-Carlton and Mandarin Oriental. As an experienced hotelier, he has a distinguished thirty-year history in all aspects of hotel management. TOWN magazine asked Mertz to showcase the vision for this new bespoke resort which will include places to drink, dine, spa, and stay.

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