Our roots in the custom home industry began in 1989 with Chris Bailey, builder and founder of Stoneledge Properties. Chris leads the building process and the entire Stoneledge team with experience and a steady hand, which all clients need and deserve. Meranda Bailey, head of design, will pull out every gem in our treasure box to wrap your new dream home in the luxury and comfort you are looking for.

Our desire is to establish working relationships that “withstand time.” We will design and engineer your home for quality, comfort and luxury. We capture every detail of your dream all the while weaving it into a home expertly crafted for your family!

We believe that quality is never accidental. It is the culmination of hard work, dedication, passion and an in-depth knowledge of materials and processes, paired with passionate attention to every detail.

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“Stoneledge is an advocate for the customer, has solid quality control standards in place, great communication skills, can deliver on time and within budget as well as a builder that is eager to work with the owner throughout the design and construction process.”

-Scott and Danielle Fredey

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“It’s not just about the house it’s about the lifelong relationship. They put a spiritual roof over your head well before the structure goes up.”

-Michael Cogdill, TV Journalist  WYFF4

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“As the owner of Stoneledge, Chris has been hands on from the  start of design through every aspect of the build.  He pays attention to detail, insists on quality, and takes added measures to ensure his homes  are embedded with excellence. I’ve never met a builder more involved with his product or one  who takes more pride in his work.”

-–Jim & Jo Beth Cravens

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“I am beyond thankful knowing all the hard work Stoneledge did behind the scenes to build a quality home, and for helping me design my fabulous kitchen, all this while I was thousands of miles around the world! You truly do put your heart and soul into your homes.”

-–Gina Marie Gottschalk

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