TND stands for Traditional Neighborhood Development, which is a land development philosophy focused on creating robust, interconnected communities.

Unlike a conventional subdivision, where you might only find single-family homes and a few recreational amenities, a TND supports and enhances all aspects of daily life by including retail, office, civic and natural areas, in addition to residential architecture in a variety of styles & sizes.

TNDs also emphasize thoughtful scale – within a 5-minute walk of every home will be an amenity worth walking to – a park, plaza, amenity or the Village Center. Public and private spaces have equal importance, creating a balanced community that serves a wide range of home and business owners. The inclusion of civic spaces – in the form of plazas, greens, parks and squares — enhances community identity and value.

Finally, multiple modes of transportation are considered. In a TND, neighbors and residents are served by a network of paths, streets and lanes suitable for pedestrians as well as vehicles. This provides residents the option of walking, biking or driving to places within their neighborhood.

If you’re interested in reading the Charter for the New Urbanism, which defines the planning principles of a TND, you can find it here.

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